Friday, March 24, 2006

Regina Roggasch's Cheese Sticks

1 roll nippy cheese
1 stick butter
1 cup flour

Cream butter and cheese together; blend in flour. Spread in pan and bake 15 minutes at 400°. Cut into strips, 1/4 to 1/2 inches wide. Serve with salad.

Regina Roggasch contributed this recipe to the Jolly Neighbors Extension Club of Rose, Nebraska, for a hand-written cookbook that they made during the early 1960's. I have expanded the directions a little because all the recipes were greatly condensed to fit on one side of a 3x5" recipe card. The recipe was titled "Cheese Spread" but I changed it to "Cheese Sticks" to more accurately reflect the nature of the prepared recipe. I don't know if "nippy cheese" was a brand name or just a suggestion about the flavor. Miss Roggasch was my first teacher at Duff Valley District 4. We moved to Rose near the end of my first grade year, so I only had her for a month or so.

Another great Easy Recipe

Love At Home

There is beauty all around
When there's love at home.
There is joy in every sound
When there's love at home.

Roses bloom beneath our feet,
All the earth is a garden sweet,
Making life a bliss complete,
When there's love at home.

-- John Hugh McNaughton (1829-1891)